Early Years Workers – 600 Hours issue

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Colleagues If you are an Early Years Worker who has been employed on temporary contracts for 4 years or more with NLC, and are a member of UNISON, we need to hear from you. Despite our position during negotiations NLC are insisting that you need to go through the interview process in relation to the new jobs that have been created to meet the demand of the new 600hr provision, but we believe that you are legally entitled to more. Due to data protection we are having a difficulty in identifying the 40 employees affected and our membership system does not hold employment status so we cannot differentiate between full time workers and temporary workers. We want to lodge a group grievance to protect your legal rights to employment and remove any threat of failing in an interview process you do not need to be subject to, but without your involvement we cannot do this. Please contact the branch office on 01698 276291 asap where the branch staff will take your details and pass them on to Jan McKay and Marie Boyle who are dealing with the issue. Can you spread the word to ensure that we reach everyone involved. John...

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As you will know, Home Support Worker 1’s have been issued with a variation to contract which confirms their regrading from Grade 2 to Grade 3. The advice given to the branch by UNISON Scotland has been NOT to sign these variations until such time as our legal representatives fully assess the impact on equal pay and the Councils pay and grading model. Our legal representative has now confirmed that you should NOT sign this variation of contract, and as a result we will be writing to you in the next 10 working days with an alternative letter that you should send to the Council, along with a grievance letter raising issues with how your job has been assessed by the Council. This grievance relates to all home support workers and not just those who have had variations of contract issued. In order to answer your queries and explain our position UNISON has arranged three members meetings for home support workers to attend. These will all be held in The Glo Centre, 78 Muir Street, Motherwell, ML1 1BN on: Monday 12 May at 7.30pm Tuesday 13 May at 7.30pm Wednesday 14 May at 7.30pm We understand that we cannot please everyone in terms of dates and venues for meetings but UNISON feel that given the need for a certain size of venue and home support shift patterns that this would give the maximum number of members the ability to attend at least one of the nights. I look forward to seeing you at the members meetings.   John...

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Colleagues As you know, UNISON has been in negotiations with the Council regarding the 600 hours Scottish Government initiative. We are very close to calling members meetings to discuss the situation with you all, but we are still waiting on certain information from the Council. We have written to the Executive Director of Learning & Leisure Services this morning asking that he provides what we need, and upon receipt (and after the Easter break) we will call meetings as required. John Mooney Branch...

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