Holiday Pay Issue

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Colleagues You should all be in receipt of your Holiday Pay Claim Forms now, and as advised on the covering letter it is extremely important that you fill them out and return them asap. It has come to our attention that starting from Thursday NLC employees will be receiving a payment of some kind in relation to this issue. This has NOT been negotiated with the employer and this move will NOT compensate you in full, and merely starts the “clock ticking” in terms of a legal time bar. This means you only have a maximum of 3 months to submit your claim forms. We have had no news from other employers on their plans, apart from Culture NL who we believe will be making a decision in the coming week or so. Our advice is not to delay – fill out the forms tonight and post them to the address on the form. If you need assistance in completing the form your local stewards or the branch office can help. John...

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Holiday Pay Claim

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Colleagues We are in the process of issuing forms to every UNISON member allowing them to make a claim in respect of the EU ruling on holiday pay. (Please see previous briefings) These forms will be with you by late next week and includes all of the information you need on how to make a claim and how the process will work. Can you circulate this amongst fellow UNISON members for their information to ensure everyone has the opportunity to make a claim. Anyone who doesn’t receive the letter and form by the 23rd should contact the branch office on 01698 276291. John...

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Learning Opportunities

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UNISON has been able to secure funding via Scottish Union Learning to provide the following FREEWorkshops for Workers in South and North Lanarkshire Councils, NHS Lanarkshire, the Voluntary and Care Sector. Click the link below for more information. Learning Opportunities Document  ...

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Holiday Pay

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Background On 22 May 2014, UNISON member Joe Lock was successful in his claim, Lock v British Gas. The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) found that a worker’s 20 days statutory annual leave pay should include commission payments if these were part of normal pay. The Employment Tribunal will decide how UK law will now be interpreted in light of this decision. It is likely that whatever decision is reached by the Employment Tribunal will be appealed through the higher courts, so it may be a long time before any payments are received. If members are regularly paid payments for time or activities at work that are not paid when they take annual leave (e.g. commission payments, other supplements, bonuses or overtime payments) then there may be entitlement to increased holiday pay in future and back pay.   Branch Action We have written to all the employers, where we have members, and asked what they intend to do in relation to unpaid holiday pay in respect of additional payments during working time. To date we have not had any response from the employers in our branch, however we are continuing to pressure them for a response. On a national level UNISON is collating responses from employers and will then decide a strategy on how best to pursue claims.   What you need to do If you think you may have a claim, contact the branch office. This will allow us to keep you up to date on your employer’s response and on UNISON’s strategy. You should ensure that you keep your contact details up to date. The easiest and quickest means of contact is through email. Don’t worry if you don’t have an email address as we will still write out to members if required. You should contact the branch immediately if:   Your employer stops making the payments for commission, other supplements, bonuses or over-time pay; The employer starts paying any unpaid commission, other supplements, bonuses or overtime pay during annual leave. You leave employment or change jobs.   Time Limits   Employment Tribunal claims for unpaid holiday pay must be made within 3 months of the latest underpayment.   John...

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