Local Government Pay Ballot

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Dear Colleagues   The LG ballot has delivered a Yes vote for industrial action on the basis of 53.5% to 46.5%. The LG Committee will meet in Glasgow on Friday 3rd October to discuss the way forward and I will advise you of the outcome of this immediately thereafter. Kind regards John Mooney

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Colleagues Following several questions from members on a proposed new medication policy for home support, I can confirm that outside of a small pilot scheme in Wishaw, the below policy is what all home support workers and management should be following. Any questions or issues on this should be directed to your local stewards or to the branch office (01698 276291) who can arrange contact. MedicationPolicy John Mooney...

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The Scottish Employers have imposed a pay award of 1% on our members from 1 April 2014. Further they have refused to negotiate on UNISON’s claim for this period which was: An additional £1 per hour for all staff conditioned by the Scottish Joint Council Consolidation of the Living Wage Deletion of spinal column points below the level of the Living Wage This action by the employers is quite unacceptable and shows a blatant disregard for the agreed bargaining structures and threatens the future of nationally agreed pay awards. Given that the employers imposed 1%, it is unsurprising that they also refuse to negotiate on a justifiable pay claim. Because of this UNISON Scotland are now conducting a formal industrial action ballot which will be open from 9th September 2014 until 29th September 2014. The ballot asks members whether they are prepared to take strike action to force the employers to respect the joint negotiating machinery and return to the negotiating table and improve upon the offer. The UNISON Scotland Local Government Committee is asking that members vote YES to strike action for Fair Pay Fair Pay FAQ Fair Pay...

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