Redeployment Matrix – Learning and Leisure (Education, Skills and Youth Employment)

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UNISON North Lanarkshire has advised the council that we will be challenging the redeployment matrix that has been issued to some members in Learning and Leisure (Education, Skills and Youth Employment). In UNISON’s opinion the matrix is unfair and unfit for purpose.The branch is currently advising members NOT to fill in the redeployment matrix and await further advice from the branch. Members who have already filled it in don’t need to take any further action: any change to the matrix as a result of this action will apply to everybody. We will be presenting the council with an alternative matrix that does not solely rely on sickness absence.The use of the matrix is being challenged by ourselves and our sister unions. Marie Quigley UNISON Branch...

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Job Re-evaluation Statement

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As you will be aware, the Council and unions have been undertaking a joint re-evaluation process for certain posts, overseen and validated by an Independent Technical Expert. The joint team has now concluded their re-evaluation assessments and the Independent Technical Expert is now undertaking an Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) on the outcomes. The outcomes and EIA require to be considered by the Joint Re-evaluation Board and council before employees can be notified of the outcome of the re-evaluation of their job. Dates are currently been scheduled for a meeting of the Joint Re-evaluation...

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