Hi, I wanted to keep to keep you up to date with information we’re getting from the council re allocation of posts in HR and payroll.

The service has now provided sample matrices for 2 jobs – one for HR and one in the employee service centre. The matrices are broken down into essential and desirable criteria and cover the usual: education/training, skills, experience and personal attributes. The sort of thing that you would see in a job specification.

They have also referred us again to the Q&A document that was issued last year.

I’ll be meeting Des Murray next week to get further clarification.

Please share this email with any UNISON members that I’ve missed – I don’t have an email addresses for everyone.

Marie Quigley
Unison Branch Secretary
Please see text of email below from Des Murray

Good afternoon Marie,

Further to your email, I attach sample matrices used in the HR Centre and the ESC.

Staff are assessed against the criteria set out in the relevant person specification. If there are more job roles than applicants who meet the specification, the expectation is that employees will be matched. Conversely, where more applicants meet the specification than there are roles, the expectation is that interviews will be carried out to finalise the appointments.

In relation to the qualification criterion, the position has been set out from the early stage of the consultation exercise that staff who did not hold a qualification would not be disadvantaged in this restructure and that they would be supported to undertake the qualification where this is essential to the role. I attach the Q&A, no.46 refers.

I am happy to discuss further at our meeting on 6 March. I can also update that the senior managers are working to finalise the process asap including finalising the timeline to enable a communication to be issued to staff. Meanwhile, these managers will arrange an oral briefing to their staff to keep them updated as to where matters are currently.


Des Murray
Assistant Chief Executive, Enterprise & Housing Resources

HR Structure – QA – 29 Nov 2016