NLC Cuts Demonstration!

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Dear Member NLC Cuts Demonstration! As you may know, North Lanarkshire Councillors meet at 11am on Friday 23rd February 2018 at the Civic Centre to consider the Council budget which will result in austerity cuts being handed down to our members and the wider community. UNISON, along with our sister unions and local community groups, will be protesting against these cuts. We intend to assemble by 10.30am on the day and whilst I understand that this will be an awkward time for some I’d really appreciate it if you could make the effort to come along and make yourself heard! Remember – only those who are not on shift or who have agreed the time off should attend. Get behind us as we fight to protect our members and the community we live in. UNISON North Lanarkshire – Be involved, Be there, Be heard. John Mooney Depute Service Conditions...

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500 Voices UNISON Lanarkshire

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Dear Member, UNISON Lanarkshire is running a Fair Work Survey, to look at how your employer implements the Fair Work Framework while you’re at work. This is your opportunity to have your say and to help UNISON report the results of this survey back to local councils. All care workers in the 3rd sector family are encouraged to participate. We believe that fair work is work that balances the rights and responsibilities of employers and workers and that can generate benefits for individuals, organisations and society. UNISON Lanarkshire will be asking you to complete the survey either through face to face engagement or answering questions in an online survey. All answers are kept anonymous. Tell your colleagues. Tell your friends who work in social care sector. Get as many people involved as possible! The survey can be found here: Please fill in your response to the best of your ability. If you would like any more information, or would like to become an activist for 500 Voices, please email Please also head over to our Facebook page to keep up-to-date with all activity! Thank...

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Council Cuts Proposals

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On Sunday and Monday, managers held meetings with some staff that may be affected by the 2018/2019 round of council cuts. The council needs to make around £8 million worth of cuts from jobs and services in the next financial year. So far officers have refused to share any details of the proposals with the unions. Yesterday we were given ‘headline’ proposals that don’t spell out how many jobs are at risk. You can see that document using the link. UNSION continues to press for MEANINGFUL consultation and we will update you when we have the information that you need and deserve.

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NLC Restructure Update

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Dear Member, Thank you for your understanding over the weekend– we have been working hard behind the scenes to review the reports that went live at 5pm on Thursday and the information that we were given at meeting. You can access the reports at the following link:- UNISON were called to 6 meetings yesterday, 4 of which took place at the same time. The subject of these meetings were twofold; firstly to advise on Council ambitions for growth and secondly to confirm that restructures passed by Council committee earlier this year were in their final stages and what form this would take. The headline figures in terms of job losses is as follows:- Total Posts Deleted 110.95 (Full Time Equivalent Staff) Total Posts Created 93.24 (FTE) Total Post Reduction 17.71 (FTE) All jobs lost will be dealt with by deleting vacancies, offering voluntary severance, or by redeployment. There will be no compulsory redundancies. There were no proposals tabled that would reduce anyone’s grading. There were various changes announced including the transfer of First Stop Shops and the Contact Centre to Enterprise and Housing, and changes to the way that managerial structures will work going forward. There are a number of areas in which new posts will be created, notably an expansion of Early Years, new posts to support the Council’s Digitisation agenda (from which they expect to save £600,000 next year), and in a new house building programme. Ultimately, these proposals were not linked to any future budget cuts. We expect to be briefed on these in the coming weeks and will ensure that all members are informed and consulted on any proposals that may affect them. Some jobs will be redesigned, and the people affected will have already been informed by their manager. If this applies to you, you can contact your local steward or the branch office for advice. Marie Quigley Branch Secretary UNISON North Lanarkshire 01698...

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NLC Budget Savings Update

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Dear Members As you may know, UNISON representatives were invited to a series of meetings this morning (7th) to be briefed on proposals that are going for Council approval on 13th December. The information we received was focused on the 3rd phase of Council restructuring and did not focus on any cuts that would be going forward to the Councils budget meeting in February. To date we have not been given copies of the reports and as such we would ask that you give us some time to properly digest what we were told this morning and to corroborate it with the contents of the  reports when they are released tonight. We understand that staff will be briefed this afternoon and would ask that any specific concerns be directed to your local UNISON steward in the meantime. We will be in contact in due...

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