Branch Officers

Every year at our AGM, the membership elect a committee to run the day-to-day affairs of the branch. Led by the Branch Secretary, each officer has a specific remit as well as being a workplace steward within the branch.

William Shearer Branch Chairperson

My role is to preside at all meetings of the branch and branch committee. I work with the branch secretary to agree the agenda for branch meetings and work closely with the branch secretary to provide leadership to the branch.

Vacant Branch Vice-Chairperson

My role is to support the chair and in their absence, undertake their duties.

Marie Quigley Branch Secretary

The Branch Secretary has overall responsibility for the branch and its activities. My role encompasses all aspects of strategy, negotiation, representation and good governance. I have an overview of the work of the branch and negotiate with the employers on issues that effect our members.

Angela Medford Branch Treasurer

As branch Treasurer, I am responsible for managing the branch finances, including keeping accounts, working with branch officers and the committee to set budgets and ensure that the branch operates within UNISON’S financial regulations. I also provide reports on the financial position of the branch to the branch committee.

John Watson Service Conditions Officer

The service conditions officer runs a team of stewards who oversee all aspects of work that affects our members conditions of service.  This includes policy reviews, taking part in negotiations with the employer and dealing with more complex individual cases where relevant.

Donna Watson Depute Service Conditions Officer

My role is to work as part of a team to support the service and conditions officer and in their absence, undertake their duties.

Vacant Depute Service Conditions Officer

My role is to work as part of a team to support the service and conditions officer and in their absence, undertake their duties.

Peter Bainbridge Health & Safety Officer

My role is to increase the awareness of members, health and safety representatives and branch officers of health and safety issues. To organise the information held by the branch on health and safety and to co-ordinate the activity of health and safety representatives and to organise regular meetings of health & safety representatives to exchange information and consider priorities. I am closely involved in all negotiations with North Lanarkshire on matters related to health and safety.

Alan Clark Education Officer

My role is to make sure all new stewards and safety representatives receive initial information and guidance about their duties, e.g. stewards handbook, rulebook, service conditions agreements, etc. To publicise the range of educational and training opportunities available to members and activists and to get untrained stewards, safety representatives and other branch officers onto appropriate training courses.
Vacant Equalities Officer

My role is to be the central liaison point for equality in the branch and to distribute information on Equality issues. My role also includes working on equal rights issues including sex, race, disability and lesbian and gay issues within the branch.

Steven Forrest Welfare Officer

My role is to ensure that branch officers, stewards and workplace representatives, and also employers, have regular up-to date-information about UNISON Welfare and its range of services. The role also is about ensuring that members seeking welfare assistance receive a prompt, supportive and effective response.

Derek Lowrie Membership Services Officer

My role is to to map the branch’s membership in order to identify membership density and steward coverage. It also involves monitoring the branch’s recruitment, and also leaver’s rate.

Peter Bainbridge Communications Officer

The communications officers role is to explain UNISON’s policies and to provide the information members need to play an active role in their union. To assist with efforts to recruit new members and to help support UNISON’s national and regional campaigns. They help create a positive image for the branch among members, potential members and the public and produce news-sheets, bulletins and email distributions to branch members.

Vacanct Young Members’ Officer

My role is to recruit new members and to encourage existing young members to become active in the branch. I make sure issues of concern to young workers are raised by the branch and act as a focal point for all young workers in the branch and workplaces.

John Stark Retired Members’ Officer

My role is to ensure that those members approaching retirement have the opportunity to become retired members and to organise meetings of the branch retired members. I also encourage the participation of retired members in branch activities as appropriate.

Willie Shearer Labour Link Officer

The branch UNISON Labour Link officer is the key contact point for information about regional and national UNISON Labour Link matters and is responsible for co-ordinating our activities in the branch. They also represent the interests of Labour Link levy payers on the UNISON branch committee.