Departmental Convenor: Jim Paterson

It seems at long last (4 years) there will be a settlement in the tube feeding ASN dispute for our members mainly at schools for the most profoundly disabled children and young people in the authority. For more years than I can remember we have been disputing that our members were not being paid and adequately trained to attend to some of the children’s needs. Many people have been involved in this dispute , but by sticking to UNISON’s guidance that our members would not be doing these duties until they received the correct pay and the correct training we have managed to win. A paper has been presented to the Learning and Leisure Services committee, creating 25 new roles at NLC7 grade, 2 grades better than they are on now. So well done to everyone involved. Cases of all shapes and sizes are on then increase in LLS and I would like to pay tribute to all the hard working stewards in the service , we must find time to have a development day , with the express intention of recruiting more stewards. We are in need of more stewards and workplace contacts within Learning & Leisure Services, if you would like to step up to the challenge, get in contact with the branch office.



James Paterson CL&D Worker Convenor
Marie Boyle Clerical Assistant Vice Convenor
Jan McKay Early Years Worker Vice Convenor
Marie Carr Early Years Worker
Anne O’Grady Creche Worker/Youth Worker
Morene Simpson CL&D Worker
Nanette Keenan CL&D Worker
Robert Wilson CL&D Worker
Linda Rankine ASN Assistant
Angela Todd Classroom Assistant
Peter Bainbridge School Technician