UNISON, Unite and the GMB unions have opposed the Council’s plans to cut members take home pay through a £2m attack on terms and conditions.

After consulting with affected members each union issued a formal notice of dispute to the Council advising of our intention to take industrial action as we moved to protect your pay.

At a meeting with the Chief Executive on Friday 24 January we were advised that the Council had “pushed pause” on the process while they assessed their options. They were clear that no changes to our members’ terms and conditions would take place until such time that they called us back to the table.

The unions are delighted that our campaign has succeeded in retaining the status quo. We have always said and will continue to say that our door is open to continuing negotiations around any issue – but we will continue to campaign vigorously to protect our members jobs and pay.

3109 employees will not be losing contractual earnings

Thanks to all members who came to the many union meetings. Together we are stronger!!


John Mooney

Branch Secretary