Dear Member,

UNISON are aware that a paper on the outcome of the Operational and Service Review of Community and Learning and Development will be put before a meeting of the Council’s Policy and Resources Committee for discussion and agreement tomorrow, Thursday 6th December.

Whilst some consultation has taken place with local UNISON representatives on this review in recent weeks we were only sent the paper outlining the options being put before the committee yesterday.

Immediately we received this paper we raised a number of issues and concerns with the council on the proposals it contains.

Our letter to the council outlining our concerns is attached for your information (See below).  Please do read this and share it with your colleagues.

Link to letter

We will try to get answers to the questions we have raised and as soon as we do we will update you on developments.  We will also keep an close eye on developments at the Committee meeting tomorrow and review the position depending on what happens at that meeting.

Please be assured that we will do everything we can to mitigate the effects of these proposals on you.

We will seek to arrange a meeting with you as soon as we have further information that we can share with you.

In the meantime if you have any specific concerns, which are not already covered by the letter that we have sent to the council, please feed that in to the branch office either by e-mail on or by phone on 01698 276 291.

Best wishes,

Johanna Baxter

Regional Officer