We are going to be demonstrating at Councillor surgeries in December, targeting the senior Labour and SNP Councillors. It’s important that you come along to help us get our point across, especially if any of the Councillors below are your own Councillors as we will have pre-prepared questions that you can ask them in the actual surgery.

We will be sharing the details of this list with the local press and will be posting updates the following day to show how each demonstration goes.

This is one of the things that I mentioned at the recent meetings where we need you to be involved! The surgeries are:-

Jim McCabe – 2 Dec 2014, Tannochside Senior Citizens Hall at 5pm
Tom Johnston – 2 Dec 2014, Kildrum Primary School at 7.15pm
Jim Logue – 3 Dec 2014, Beechbank Community Centre at 6pm
Helen McKenna – 3 Dec 2014, New Stevenston Community Centre at 7pm
Stevie Grant – 4 Dec 2014, Abronhill Community Education Centre at 7pm
Sam Love – 9 Dec 2014, Carrick Hall at 6pm
David Stocks – 10 Dec 2014, Victoria Community Education Centre at 6.30pm
Andrew Spowart – 11 Dec 2014, St Andrews Primary School at 6pm
Jim Brooks – 13 Dec 2014, Shawhead Community Centre at 11am
Robert Burrows – 16 Dec 2014, Fallside Centre at 5pm

We believe that the politicians have the power to bring this matter to a close. Help us to ask them to do so.

More news on this as we get closer to the time, but in the meantime please put the dates in your diary.

John Mooney
Branch Secretary