Members have been in contact asking for an update on the offer letters for Equal Pay for a few days now, so thought it best to update you on where we are.

Basically, everyone’s individual offers are being calculated at the moment. Calculations are being done by Thompsons but they will then need to be ratified by the Council before being issued to you all for acceptance.

These are individual calculations as they are based on individual rates of pay and hours worked. At the moment, the delay from early April to now has been caused by the huge amount of work that this takes. UNISON are now looking at why the job is so big/time consuming to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays.

I’m reluctant to give you all a target date for the offers being posted, purely because my expected date for letters to be issued has changed twice. I don’t see any point in estimating a date for you that could be wrong.

So far, all parties involved (i.e. us and UNITE and Fox and Partners) have been keen for offers to go out at the same time so I’d expect that to continue to be the case.

As always I’ll keep you all informed.

John Mooney
Branch Secretary