The below letter will be posted to all early years staff (who are UNISON members off course) on Monday, obviously as this point it is purely an intermediate update on a situation we have been pursuing, but as we say in the letter we will be calling meetings as soon as we have more information.

Dear Member


We have had contact from several members raising concerns on how the merge of grade 8 and 9 will affect the Early Years’ Service.

UNISON has not been blind to this issue (nor to members in other areas of the Council with similar issues) and has asked the Council how they propose to deal with different staff groups now being graded at the same level. To date we have received no proposals from the Council on the issue, although this will continue to be raised at our liaison meetings with management.

Our intention is to call a meeting of members in the Early Years’ Service to discuss the issue when we receive proposals from the Council.

In terms of the merge of grades 8 & 9, I have tried to provide some clarification below:-

· Previously, grade 8 covered pay points 25 to 31
· Previously, grade 9 covered pay points 27 to 33
· If you are currently grade 9, you will see no change.
· Anyone who is currently on grade 8 will move to grade 9 over the next 3 years.
· This allows for further progression on the pay scale to points 32 & 33.
· Previously people at top of grade 8 sat on point 31.
· However this does not mean that everyone will see an immediate wage rise.
· Points 27 to 31 already overlapped between grade 8 and 9, so no immediate benefit for those.

As soon as we have proposals from the Council, we will be in contact to arrange a meeting where we can discuss the issues in detail. In the meantime, please contact your local UNISON stewards for any clarification or issues you may have.

Yours sincerely
John Mooney
Branch Secretary