You should all be in receipt of your Holiday Pay Claim Forms now, and as advised on the covering letter it is extremely important that you fill them out and return them asap.

It has come to our attention that starting from Thursday NLC employees will be receiving a payment of some kind in relation to this issue. This has NOT been negotiated with the employer and this move will NOT compensate you in full, and merely starts the “clock ticking” in terms of a legal time bar. This means you only have a maximum of 3 months to submit your claim forms.

We have had no news from other employers on their plans, apart from Culture NL who we believe will be making a decision in the coming week or so.

Our advice is not to delay – fill out the forms tonight and post them to the address on the form. If you need assistance in completing the form your local stewards or the branch office can help.

John Mooney