As you may know, back in early summer 2013 North Lanarkshire Council announced its intention to re-grade all Home Support Workers on pay grade 2 to pay grade 3. This would mean an end to the ongoing issues surrounding Home Support Workers 1 and 2, and would result in the potential to earn more money in terms of yearly increments, and potentially immediately jump up salary points depending on current pay rates.


The Council intended to implement this change once the talks surrounding terms and conditions were finalised, and would back date any increase (where applicable) in wages to April 2013.


As talks have now been completed on the terms and conditions issue, UNISON contacted the Council yesterday and I can advise that Social Work have started the processing of the re-grading. We have no firm ideas on timescales as payroll will not be able to make this change overnight, but we will let you know as we hear more.


John Mooney
Branch Secretary