We started posting our follow up letter to you all last night, the envelope will have 5 things in it:-

1. A letter explaining the next step.

2. A letter to be signed and sent back to the Council

3. A letter showing what our group grievance will be.

4. A slip saying that you want to be part of the group grievance

5. A return envelope for the slip.

Our letter explains everything and we will obviously clarify anything at the meetings next week, but what we want you to do is to sign and return a letter to the council which deals with the variation.

As well as this we are lodging a group grievance calling on the Council to regrade your jobs in the proper manner. It doesn’t matter if your equal pay claim is with us or a no win no fee lawyer, this is local union business and we want all UNISON members to be involved. Colleagues, no one will win this fight for you, we need total solidarity going forward and I urge you to sign the slip saying that you are happy to be named as part of the group grievance and return it to us.

Once we have the slips returned we will lodge the grievance which will be dealt with by us.

John Mooney