We have been made aware of a potential problem for those who work more than one post/job and pay into the pension scheme. Assuming you have joined the pension scheme in each job, you pay 2 separate pension contributions to the pension scheme.

It appears that one of our members wasn’t receiving a pension statement for each contribution that they were paying, even though the money was being taken from their wages for each contract. On checking with Strathclyde Pension Fund, an error was highlighted and it appears that their pension contribution for the second job was not being counted.

Can you check that you are receiving pension statements for each job that you work? If you are not, you should contact the Strathclyde Pension Fund Office on 0845 213 0202 for advice.

Obviously this does not apply to those who are not in the pension scheme, or who only have one job.

Hope this is helpful.

John Mooney
Branch Secretary