Further to the decision taken at the Transformation Committee to proceed with the proposals outlined in the paper put to that meeting we have continued to make representations to the council on this issue.

At a meeting last week we received an initial offer from the employer regarding the proposed cuts to contractual overtime. We did not believe the proposal went far enough to address our concerns about protecting your take home pay. We therefore rejected this proposal at a meeting with the employer today.

We have asked the employer to look at revising the offer in a number of ways with a view to protecting your take home pay. We have another meeting scheduled with the employer in a couple of weeks where we hope to have an improved offer before us. We need to allow these negotiations to take place and for possible solutions to be explored.

We understand that this is a difficult and anxious time and all three unions are committed to continuing to work collectively to support you and represent your interests.

When we believe that negotiations have gone as far as they can go we will organise a meeting with you to discuss next steps, taking into consideration where we have got to at that point.

In the mean time we will continue to keep you up to date on developments as they arise. Should you have any further questions at this time please contact your local trade union representative in the first instance.

Johanna Baxter – Unison

Charlie McDonald – Unite

Benny Rankin – GMB