The Council has released a circular explaining how they will respond to payments due to members resulting from the Lock v British Gas case (The Holiday Pay issue) on an ongoing basis (not for back claims).

From now on employees who receive payment for NON CONTRACTUAL pay elements, excluding travel or subsistence, will automatically receive an additional 8.3% added on to compensate them for the holiday pay issue.

For example, if you receive £100 for working non contractual overtime since your last pay, you will now receive 8.3% on top, bringing it to £108.30.

The explanation for how this calculation is done is provided on the circular itself.

Importantly, this has no effect on any historical claims (i.e. the Holiday Pay claim forms you may have filled in), apart from setting a 3 month time limit on making any claim. As you will remember we have covered this time limit in one or two previous briefings.

Look out for the difference in your pay, I hope this update has been helpful

John Mooney
Branch Secretary