All parties involved in the above litigation are pleased to announce that settlement has been agreed in relation to 2nd wave equal pay cases. This agreement follows detailed negotiations between the council, Fox and Partners, Action 4 Equality (Scotland) Ltd and UNISON has been welcomed by all parties. This settlement covers more than 4,000 claimants.

Following months of negotiations the settlement was approved by the council today and means that 2nd wave claimants will receive payment in respect of outstanding claims. A detailed timetable has been agreed between the Council and legal representatives to make sure that this settlement process brings this litigation to a conclusion in the very near future. It is anticipated that settlement offers will be sent out to these claimants in early April. All parties are pleased to have reached a negotiated settlement and appreciate the continued patience and cooperation of all claimants.

Councillor Jim McCabe, leader of North Lanarkshire Council, said: “I have fought all of my life for equality and that is why I instructed officials to enter negotiations last year with a view to settling claims where that was appropriate.

“I am pleased that this issue – which has been complex and challenging for all concerned – can now be dealt with.”

Stefan Cross QC of Action 4 Equality (Scotland) Ltd said: “I am pleased that settlement has been agreed. This summer sees the 10th anniversary of equal pay cases in Scotland. It is now time for all Councils to follow the lead of North Lanarkshire and enter into constructive discussions.”

Carol Fox of Fox and Partners added “I am really delighted that the Council have agreed settlement. This means that we can bring the 2nd wave litigation to an end. We have also secured agreement from the Council that further evaluations of male and female jobs will be undertaken to avoid the need for any further litigation. It has not been easy but I am pleased to have made our contribution to advancing equality in North Lanarkshire. It is also helpful that we have worked cooperatively with the local unions.”

John Mooney of UNISON said: “This is really good news for women who work at the council – providing valued public services to local people. Being recognised and valued helps us to the work we do. So it’s good for us, good for the council and good for the people we serve. We are grateful to everyone involved for getting this sorted, it’s been a long process.”

The full details of the overall settlement will remain confidential. Those employees covered by the settlement will be contacted by their representatives as soon as the formal settlement timetable is underway. It is hoped that letters will be sent to individual claimants in early April.

John Mooney