As you may know, there will be an event at Strathclyde Park (M&D’s side) on 23rd June to celebrate the Queens Baton being in the area. We will be protesting at this event against NLC’s decision to refuse to pay out on equal pay claims.

We will be there from 5.30pm and we need as many of you to be there as possible. We will be in attendance with the banner and will be releasing 500 black balloons to highlight the issue and also to commemorate members of this branch who passed away without benefiting from pay equality. As we have said before, to win this campaign we need you to take part in as many events as you can and this is one of those where we need your support. No one will win this campaign for you, you are the union!

We have cleared this protest with the police so we will not have any issues on the day, and in addition to this action our ad trailers will be following the procession all day.

As I say, this is a very important event for the branch and I strongly urge as many of you to attend as possible.

Together we can win this!

John Mooney