If you work for NLC or CLNL and are pregnant, or have any of the underlying conditions listed below, you are being to told to self isolate for 12 week. This advice is clear and managers should not be asking for a doctor’s letter to prove pregnancy or conditions. Managers should NOT be interpreting this instruction, they should be following it. If you are unsure whether you are covered by this list speak to you manager and they will seek advice from the Employee Service Centre.
Underlying medical conditions are:
• asthma
• cancer
• stroke
• multiple sclerosis
• bronchitis
• liver problems such as cirrhosis/hepatitis
• emphysema
• diabetes
• cystic fibrosis
• asplenia or dysfunction of the spleen
• chronic heart disease
• chronic kidney failure
• HIV infection
These measures will be kept under constant review as efforts are made to slow down the spread of the infection.