Retired & Retiring Unison Members

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The first meeting of the North Lanarkshire Unison Retired Members’ Branch was held on 21st February 2014 at The Craig Suite, Dalziel Building, Scott Street, Motherwell. As this was the first meeting of the group, its role and purpose remains a matter for discussion but broadly speaking it will focus on current issues affecting retired people, living in today’s political and economic climate as well as ways to lend support to the local branch and its members. The meetings will be held every two months on the last Friday of the month. The next meetings planned are at 10 o’clock on 28th March and 30th May in the Dalziel Building Motherwell. If you are interested in supporting the direction of North Lanarkshire Unison Retired Members’ branch or wish to come along to listen and take part in the debate you will be made very welcome. Being retired from the workplace does not exclude you from being a member of the trade union. A one off payment of £15 will give you a lifelong membership of Unison. For further details contact the branch office 01698 276291 or email

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Home Support Regrading

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Colleagues We have been contacted by numerous members to advise that they expect all home support worker’s to receive back pay as a result of this regrading as advised by local managers etc. Although the council are still working on the process (see our previous update of 17th Feb) it is not our expectation that everyone would be eligible for back pay, depending on their current rate of pay. I must stress that this is a Council initiative, not negotiated by UNISON so the exact process remains to be seen, but we are concerned at the conflicting information which is “out there” and felt we should make comment. John...

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Home Support Re-Grading

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Colleagues   As you may know, back in early summer 2013 North Lanarkshire Council announced its intention to re-grade all Home Support Workers on pay grade 2 to pay grade 3. This would mean an end to the ongoing issues surrounding Home Support Workers 1 and 2, and would result in the potential to earn more money in terms of yearly increments, and potentially immediately jump up salary points depending on current pay rates.   The Council intended to implement this change once the talks surrounding terms and conditions were finalised, and would back date any increase (where applicable) in wages to April 2013.   As talks have now been completed on the terms and conditions issue, UNISON contacted the Council yesterday and I can advise that Social Work have started the processing of the re-grading. We have no firm ideas on timescales as payroll will not be able to make this change overnight, but we will let you know as we hear more.   John Mooney Branch...

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NLC Cuts Update

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UNISON today received contact from NLC to advise that they have made a decision on the “paused” process which dealt with terms and conditions, pay and grading, and the term time calculator. The decision is that no proposed adjustments will be made in regards to our terms and conditions, but that the Council will restart work on a new pay and grading model and term time calculator. As such, management will be in contact with us to arrange a meeting to discuss the way forward on these issues in the near future. This confirms the success of our campaign against the cuts to our terms and conditions and shows what our members can achieve when we stand together. We will keep you all informed as things progress. John...

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