Equal Pay Scandal

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Colleagues Please see below. Remember we need an excellent turn out at all surgeries, but bear in mind that you are attending as a constituent, not a member of NLC staff. No uniforms or badges on show please colleagues. We’ll be there with placards and our banner, come along and make your feelings known. We will have prepared questions for anyone wanting to go in and speak to their Councillor (assuming they refuse to talk to one of our reps). Look forward to seeing you all, look out for more updates. John Mooney Branch...

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UNISON Statement on Equal Pay 21/11/14

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UNISON North Lanarkshire branch view North Lanarkshire Councils public statement of 20/11/14 on Equal Pay as misleading. The branch completely reject the Councils allegations that we have somehow been a barrier to our members equal pay claims being settled. Quite simply put, this is not true. If the Council wants to talk to us about an offer to our members that is remotely close to the worth of their claims we are, and always will be, happy to talk. It is also surprising to us that the Council refers to ongoing negotiations on the Councils previous proposal. Negotiations have been suspended until such times as the Council contacts us to advise that they have an offer that is worth talking about. We were further surprised by the reference to the £35 million already paid as evidence of good will on the part of the Council. The payment of £35 million is evidence of past discrimination by the Council in the period 1999 to 2006. Those “first wave” claims took years to resolve, and for some women they remain unresolved. Our members have died waiting for the council to meet its binding legal obligations. With regards to our planned protests at Councillor Surgeries, our view is quite clear – that the power to authorise equal pay compensation rests solely with elected members. These protests, relate to a second and subsequent dispute (known to some as second wave claims), and it is now a matter of public record that, among other things, council officials reduced the job evaluation scores of low paid women, destroyed job evaluation records and misled the Equal Opportunities Commission when it examined the council’s pay system. Although the evidence on the EOC point has yet to conclude, the evidence to date is that the council has “no satisfactory explanation” for the decision to mislead the EOC. Against that background, we would ask the Council if they could point us to their actions in the current dispute which might instil amongst our members the trust, confidence, and patience they are asking us to display in calling off the protest. For the avoidance of any doubt, UNISON North Lanarkshire view the unlawful removal of £135m from low paid families in North Lanarkshire as sufficiently serious to merit a place in the queue at council surgeries. We are not satisfied that elected members are fully aware of the misconduct of council officials admitted before the tribunal and summarised above. So, when elected members come to exercise their exclusive authority to pay compensation, we are rightly keen to ensure they have direct access to all of the facts. Our campaign extends beyond compensation for unequal pay. We have related concerns about...

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Equal Pay – Demonstration at Councillor Surgeries

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Colleagues We are going to be demonstrating at Councillor surgeries in December, targeting the senior Labour and SNP Councillors. It’s important that you come along to help us get our point across, especially if any of the Councillors below are your own Councillors as we will have pre-prepared questions that you can ask them in the actual surgery. We will be sharing the details of this list with the local press and will be posting updates the following day to show how each demonstration goes. This is one of the things that I mentioned at the recent meetings where we need you to be involved! The surgeries are:- Jim McCabe – 2 Dec 2014, Tannochside Senior Citizens Hall at 5pm Tom Johnston – 2 Dec 2014, Kildrum Primary School at 7.15pm Jim Logue – 3 Dec 2014, Beechbank Community Centre at 6pm Helen McKenna – 3 Dec 2014, New Stevenston Community Centre at 7pm Stevie Grant – 4 Dec 2014, Abronhill Community Education Centre at 7pm Sam Love – 9 Dec 2014, Carrick Hall at 6pm David Stocks – 10 Dec 2014, Victoria Community Education Centre at 6.30pm Andrew Spowart – 11 Dec 2014, St Andrews Primary School at 6pm Jim Brooks – 13 Dec 2014, Shawhead Community Centre at 11am Robert Burrows – 16 Dec 2014, Fallside Centre at 5pm We believe that the politicians have the power to bring this matter to a close. Help us to ask them to do so. More news on this as we get closer to the time, but in the meantime please put the dates in your diary. John Mooney Branch...

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Equal Pay Update

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As you will know, we had a meeting with nlc today regarding equal pay. At the meeting we reiterated our rejection of the complex proposal we received 2 weeks ago and advised nlc that we now expect to hear from them on further proposals for settlement of the claims. No further meetings set until we have word that this will be the case. Future tribunal dates are :- 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 January 2015 23, 24, 25, 27 March 2015 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 April 2015 Stay posted for campaign news from us, our committee meets next week. John...

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Equal Pay

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Shall we expect settlement on our equal pay cases shortly then? Or do our low paid women need to wait even longer for equality? Pay up on Equal Pay. John Mooney Branch...

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