As you will be aware, we have been in talks with the Council regarding their intention to cut our terms and conditions, slashing take home pay for those affected.

On Friday 17th January we met with the Council and advised that as the threat to terms and conditions were still on the table, we could go no further in our negotiations. This was not an easy decision after 8 months of talks, but with the Councils implementation date of 1 April 2014 looming, we felt that we had to act now to protect you.

As such, we have now written to the Council advising them that we are formally in dispute with them over their proposals and we are now preparing the legal paperwork which will allow us to ballot selected groups on industrial action.

We will continue to keep you updated at each step of the process – as you will appreciate, events will begin to move quite quickly from here on in.

Although we are acting to protect our members we are still open to talks with the Council and feel very strongly that there is a way to resolve this issue.

Please remember that you can keep up to date with events on our website at and by searching Facebook for Unison NorthLanarkshire (no space between North and Lanarkshire). We will also continue with e-mail updates and direct mailings as appropriate.

Yours sincerely