Regarding those who didn’t get interviews due to “lack of experience/qualifications”.

At a meeting on 18 June with HR we were advised that only 2 people had e-mailed in to query the reasons for them not being offered an interview in more detail.

UNISON were surprised to hear this as it was agreed at our Early Years member meeting of 5 June that everyone involved would do this. UNISON are working hard to make sure that the issues around these jobs is resolved but without the involvement and support of the members we won’t be able to do so.

To confirm: IF you were not offered an interview and were told that it was due to lack of experience/qualification you should e-mail Elizabeth Gordon at L&L HR who will pull your form, investigate the issues, and respond to you. Her e-mail address is:-

You should then contact us and forward us the response. If you are forwarding your responses on, or if you already have a response to forward on, can you forward to

Our intention was to hold a further Early Years meeting to discuss these issues but without this information from management we are unable to do so – we will hold a further meeting when we obtain this.

John Mooney