Please see below letter that will be issued to all CNL members in the coming days. We have further comments for CNL members so please check back for updates.

Dear Member


As you aware, Cuture NL has approved the above new policy in which people seeking early release (redundancy) can apply to be allowed to leave the organisation.

UNISON North Lanarkshire has serious concerns that the introduction of this policy has a potential future impact for your terms and conditions.

Currently, if you are selected for redundancy, or apply through a voluntary release scheme, you could be entitled to a maximum of 66 weeks wages. Under the terms of VERA, the entitlement is capped at 45 weeks wages. For comparison purposes this equates to:-

£200 per week at 45 weeks = £9,000
£200 per week at 66 weeks = £13,200

£450 per week at 45 weeks = £20,250
£450 per week at 66 weeks = £29,700

As you can see, there is quite a difference to the payment that you would receive. UNISON’s view is that we don’t want to see job losses at all, but if they happen by mutual consent, then our members should receive the full benefit of the terms and conditions that transferred from North Lanarkshire Council. It makes no sense to access a policy that will pay you less money than you are currently entitled to.

In addition to this UNISON is also concerned that this is the first step towards replacing the current entitlement (66 weeks) across the board, meaning that any future redundancy situation would hit our members in the pocket. This is not acceptable.

Ultimately, as things stand, the above policy is voluntary only, but rest assured that any moves to change any current terms and conditions will be rejected in the first instance and we will move to ballot you for your views.

I hope this is helpful,
John Mooney
Branch Secretary