Dear Member,

Thank you for your understanding over the weekend– we have been working hard behind the scenes to review the reports that went live at 5pm on Thursday and the information that we were given at meeting.

You can access the reports at the following link:-

UNISON were called to 6 meetings yesterday, 4 of which took place at the same time. The subject of these meetings were twofold; firstly to advise on Council ambitions for growth and secondly to confirm that restructures passed by Council committee earlier this year were in their final stages and what form this would take.

The headline figures in terms of job losses is as follows:-

Total Posts Deleted 110.95 (Full Time Equivalent Staff)

Total Posts Created 93.24 (FTE)

Total Post Reduction 17.71 (FTE)

All jobs lost will be dealt with by deleting vacancies, offering voluntary severance, or by redeployment. There will be no compulsory redundancies. There were no proposals tabled that would reduce anyone’s grading.

There were various changes announced including the transfer of First Stop Shops and the Contact Centre to Enterprise and Housing, and changes to the way that managerial structures will work going forward. There are a number of areas in which new posts will be created, notably an expansion of Early Years, new posts to support the Council’s Digitisation agenda (from which they expect to save £600,000 next year), and in a new house building programme.

Ultimately, these proposals were not linked to any future budget cuts. We expect to be briefed on these in the coming weeks and will ensure that all members are informed and consulted on any proposals that may affect them. Some jobs will be redesigned, and the people affected will have already been informed by their manager. If this applies to you, you can contact your local steward or the branch office for advice.

Marie Quigley
Branch Secretary
UNISON North Lanarkshire

01698 276291